Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

As a Partner at Los Angeles based venture studio Colab, I'm helping early stage startups figure out what software products to build and how to get them to the market as fast as possible. I hold Master's in Systems of Artificial Intelligence, frequently write on topics of AI and machine learning. Author of "Robot Is The Boss" book published in August 2017.



Robot Is The Boss

How To Do Business with Artificial Intelligence

This book is not about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will destroy humanity or how machines will rebel against us. Instead, it explains the best way to get benefits from using machine learning in your business today. It’s not technical;, it’s simple. But why is it needed? Aren’t there already a lot of books on the topic? 

If you visit Amazon books AI section, you won’t see a single book that is written for an entrepreneur to start taking action on the trend of machine learning. Most of those are either “Surviving AI revolution” books aiming to capitalize on the fears of SkyNet taking over or super technical writings such as “Large Scale Machine Learning with Python” for developers and data scientists.





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