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As a partner at Los Angeles based venture studio, I built 65+ startups from scratch and now I run non-profit venture studio to help aspiring entrepreneurs build more meaningful and impactful projects. I have Masters in System of Artificial Intelligence, Author of "Robot is The Boss" book.



Robot Is The Boss

How To Do Business with Artificial Intelligence

This book is not about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will destroy humanity or how machines will rebel against us. Instead, it explains the best way to get benefits from using machine learning in your business today. It’s not technical;, it’s simple. But why is it needed? Aren’t there already a lot of books on the topic? 

If you visit Amazon books AI section, you won’t see a single book that is written for an entrepreneur to start taking action on the trend of machine learning. Most of those are either “Surviving AI revolution” books aiming to capitalize on the fears of SkyNet taking over or super technical writings such as “Large Scale Machine Learning with Python” for developers and data scientists.

To be announced: Summer 2024

Practical Overview of Successful Machine Learning Applications

Growing complexity of AI/ML landscape makes it almost impossible for business leaders to understand, cultivate and apply innovative solutions to their day-to-day business processes.

As a result, there is a gap of educational content that is aimed at entrepreneurs and business owners that want to educate themselves about practical case studies and frequent challenges that companies face when implementing exponential technologies.
My next book is closing that gap and features interviews with leaders that already successfully implemented AI in the business and reaping the benefits of today.





I am a frequent commentator on topics of artificial Intelligence and machine learning, writer for, Forbes and others. Besides writing I'm also speaking all over the world, alongside company leaders from Amazon Alexa, IBM Watson, and Google DeepMind.

IT Weekend

Unleashing The Power Of AI, Sept 2018

"AI/ML is quickly becoming the next big bing and is not limited to be used by giants such as Google and Amazon, but also one of the hottest startup trends that most prolific investors are actively watching".

Video AvailablePDF available

The Intercompany Long-Term Care Insurance Conference

Augmenting Insurance: How Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting The Industry, Mar 2018

"Data rich industries such as insurance are finally adopting tools and technology to make sense of the piles of historical data, and those that understand the power of augmentation are able to quickly integrate their human workforce to extract the valuable insights"

PASS Summit

Future of Work, Oct 2017

"Big companies are trying to outsource their processes to machines, or at least break them apart into pieces that can be automated. This may be a major concern to an unskilled layer of workers though definitely a potential stimulus for spending those saved costs on more qualified specialists in the missing areas instead.

Utilization of this trend will set apart companies that are leveraging intelligent assistance from those that are still trying to better processes by simply hiring more humans."

Internation Bar Association Conference

How AI and machine learning are transforming the IT, ecommerce, manufacturing and healthcare industries, Feb 2019

How can complex organizations adapt to the realities of AI:
- Disruptive business models:
- Legislation / Legal Challenges
- Changing Roles/Behaviors

IDEAS Conference

Personalization Of Retail At Scale, Oct 2019

Overview of existing approaches to applying AI/ML personalization across retail experience, both online and offline. Path for companies to move from rule-based personalization to scalable dynamic systems. Covering the challenges of integration, data handling and consumer perception.

"I really like how you visualized your findings about using AI on consumer perception, personalization, and data/model challenges. And your clear organization and demonstration get the audiences actively involved."

Cloris Li
AI Track Organizer







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